Summer Truffle. (Tuber asestivum)


The Summer truffle favours soil that is chalky and has a symbiotic / mycorrhizal relationship with the Beech tree, although have been found but less often, under Sweet Chestnut and Evergreen Oak. They are hypogeous so can be hard to find. Professional truffle hunters use a dog or pig to locate them but if you just observe the wild deer or squirrels they could lead you to them because they also find them irresistible!


Late Summer until Autumn.

Cooking and preparation:

Best preserved in Olive Oil but blanch then first, make sure you clean them well and shave off the skin, which can be used for flavouring soups ect. Truffles are very strong in flavour so be warned! Use sparingly as a tiny amount can transform any meal. Goes well with pasta or egg dishes.

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