Love Mushroom (Fungo Dell'Amore)

Pleurotus Salmonarius


This mushroom is Xylophilous so the place to look is on dead or decaying tree stumps and fallen trees, most commonly found on beech but will grow on other trees especially elm. For home cultivation they can be grown on either hardwood logs, wheat straw or hardwood chips mixed with mature horse manure. In the wild they grow in large clusters in the same place, year after year, so remember where you found them!


All year.

Cooking and preparation:

If you pick them carefully they are more likely to be clean, just a wipe with a damp cloth is all that is needed. This bright pink fungi makes a pleasant colour difference to any fish or meat dish.

All methods of storage can be used, you can even hang them up and air-dry them but best if kept in extra Virgin Olive Oil. An extremely useful mushroom in the kitchen.

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