Hedgehog fungus (Hydnum repandum)


If it is your first time looking for this little gem it can be very difficult to locate, look in the long grass under deciduous or coniferous trees, this fungi likes damp places along drainage ditches or mossy patches along burns, If you find Chanterelles the Hedgehog mushroom will not be far away, It is like the Chanterelle, it too is gregarious and has a symbiotic / mycorrhizal relationship with trees.


Summer till late Autumn.

Cooking and preparation:

Because it grows among grass and leaves it tends to pick up dirt easily so can be hard to clean, best to slice and rinse under a slow running tap, although some people take off the spines of the larger ones, for the appearance of the finished dish, (they look like small hairs when cooked) these 'hairs' are quite edible. Hedgehog fungi have a slight peppery taste and are much sought after by collectors. Goes well with fish or meat dishes. Can be dried or best stored in vinegar or better still, extra virgin Olive Oil.

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