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Chicken of the woods (laetiporus sulphureus)

Chicken of the woods


On deciduous trees, particularly favouring Oak or Sweet Chestnut but has been found growing on Yew, Cherry and Willow, so it is worth looking at all deciduous trees! Grows to quite large clumps.


Late Spring until early Autumn. It is worth remembering if the Winter has been especially mild it can appear much early, so keep your eyes peeled!

Cooking and preparation:

Use only the youngest as the older ones tend to be tough and taste woody, cleaning is difficult, it is best to separate them into smaller pieces then clean by gently brushing and washing under a running tap, make sure you remove any infestation or dirt. A little tip is, before cooking blanch in salty water for three or four minutes to remove the slightly bitter taste, as the name implies this fungus has the flavour of chicken. Excellent for vegetarians as it makes a superb curry or risotto!!

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