Boletus (Sullus luteus)

 slippery jack

Common names : Slippery jack, Pine bolete or Sticky Bun.

Habitat :

Found on the gound in coniferous woodland, it has a symbiotic / mycorrhizal relationship with coniferous trees, particularly the Scots pine.

The Boletus is a very common but is still a good find, although it is prone to maggot infestation so care should be taken!

Season :

Late Summer to late Autumn.

Cooking and preparation:

It is slightly sticky to the touch so it is best peeled before use, as said previously care should be taken to make sure there is no maggot infestation. this fungi has a high moisture content so it is best cooked on its own, theliquid exuded can be kept to make a sauce. After solo cooking of this fungi add to other dishes. The pine boletus is a very versatile mushrooms and can be used in many ways, so try a few experiments, one that is a particular favorite is: Once cooked drain off the juices, add some rashers of grilled streaky bacon, then after thickening the drained off juice with a little flour, pour over the cooked mushroom and bacon, then serve on toast.

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